Wednesday, 17 September 2008


So I'm having kind of a bad week... Things are not going my way at work, I've managed to undo a whole summer of hard work on the hockey field and in the gym in just two weeks of binge drinking, and I'm still not sure exactly what I want to be when I grow up, even though I just turned 27.

I know! Cry me a river, get over it, grow a spine and buy some real problems is exactly what I've been telling myself, and then I read the paper...

Ignoring for a moment the usual torture, war, famine and disease stories, the following upset me. The corruption charges against Jakob Zuma have been thrown out of court (clearing the way for him to become the next President of South Africa) and the U.S. are about to elect someone my grandfather wouldn't want to have a beer with because he's just too damn old and keeps bangin' on about the war (and don't even get me started on his sock puppet choice for VP who doesn't know what the Bush' Doctrine is and would seriously consider waging war on Russia). The stupid versus smart war rages on!
Even in The Netherlands the ridiculous soap opera that is TON (meaning: Proud Of the Netherlands) is doing great in the polls. Even though their leader has repeatedly been proven to be shallow, oblivious to issues concerning human suffering (global and domestic) and just plain incompetent. Seriously people, I'm losing hope here! When did being well-read and intelligent become a bad thing? Jakob Zuma is a rapist and thinks he can protect himself from HIV by taking a shower, but at least he is a real man and Zulu Warrior! Sarah Palin thinks the earth is less then 10.000 years old, but hey, she looks good in glasses and likes guns! What more could you want from a president? A sizable intellect and comprehension of global issues and the economy perhaps? Maybe a soul and an actual desire to make the world a better place?
The tragic thing is that people who are not smart enough to see through the rhetoric and who vote for the loudest screamers, the ones who buy into the dirty tricks and fingerpointing, they are the ones who are getting screwed the most. Because when the hurricanes take your house, disease takes your kids and the economy your job, you can never go crying to them. They promised you lower taxes, bible study, guns, and a president who is cooler than school. Not a helping hand when you need one most...

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