Thursday, 25 September 2008

Dutch bands I listened to when I was fifteen and had blue hair

Even though The Netherlands is but a pin-prick on the global map, some pretty cool music gets made here. The following bands were amongst my favourites when I was a teenage wannabe smartass (remove the teenage and you have my current status). First up is 'Gotcha!' A group of very colourful but incredibly talented musicians that first drew my attention with a fabulously funky live set at the Paaspop festival well over a decade ago. I played the saxophone at the time and was over the moon to see the instrument used in a way that was that fresh and loud and exciting. Here here they are with Funkadelics' 'Red Hot Momma'.

My next flashback features 'Claw Boys Claw'. They weren't much to look at for my lusty adolescent eyes but 'Rosie' remains one of my all time favourite songs.

* Update: I have some very juicy musical gossip straight from the horse's mouth; there might be a Gotcha! reunion in the works for 2009. You heard it here first folks!

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