Monday, 8 September 2008

Flat Dogs don't taste like chicken!

Are you a well rounded foodie? There's a way to measure that now, by adding up your score on the omnivore hundred. I actually did pretty well, but I have many years of restaurant slavery to thank for that. One item on the list is crocodile, which I tried and reviewed on a friend's blog. Here's the recycled post:

You know what really grinds my gears? How people always claim that food that is foreign to their taste buds, tastes like chicken. If you follow that reasoning my deep fried old boot would go down a treat. I'd only have rip it apart a little and stick it in a cardboard bucket with a picture of a war criminal on it. I've actually heard a very well educated American travel companion of mine refer to a piece of grilled barracuda as chicken. I thought she was joking at first, but the blank stare that met my laughter dropkicked me right back to earth. And I decided then and there to try with all my might to define every single taste I encountered from then on, as closely as humanly possible. My first challenge almost did me in, because the week after that I tried me some crocodile for the first time ever. Fun fact: in some African countries they refer to crocodiles as "flat dogs". And describing how the object of Steve Irwins' affection tastes, is no easy task. Why was I eating a giant lizard in the first place? Well, because I was hungry of course. But maybe also a little bit because I was in Africa and it was on the menu and it came with mashed potatos and a cranberry sauce...
So how was it? The first thing that hit me was the texture, it was almost like bacon rind but not salty. The meat was white but a lot thougher than chicken, and the flavour was very weird. Good, but not like anything I had eaten before. I can describe it at best as a mild, fatty, almost flowery flavour. I realise I'm not making it sound very appealing, but I 'm trying to be precise here! At least we've established that PREHISTORIC LIZARDS DON'T TASTE ANYTHING LIKE CHICKEN and that was kind of my point.
So next time you're trotting down some murky riverbank trying to club yourself a nice pair of Crocodile Dundee boots, remember that these cuddly beasts make a nutricious meal as well. Just don't get caught in a death roll, that would suck. Granted, it's a much more heroic way to die than playing tag with a stingray, but you still don't want to end up as crocmeat. Those animals won't even care what YOU taste like...

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