Monday, 29 September 2008

Monday makeout music

I love lists, music and making out and since this is not a (really corny) personal ad, here's my my top five of makeout songs. On number five we have the man of many names who makes plenty of randy music but this song is just extra hot.

5. Prince - Black Sweat
On four it's the obvious choice, but the fact that the artists himself almost couldn't control his 'urges' during the making of this video proves it's a justifiable choice.

4. Chris Isaak - Wicked Game
On three it's a song that simply oozes coolness.

3. Faith No More - Evidence
The runner up and only female vocalist on my list is the brooding;

2. Portishead - Glory Box
My first choice of makeout song is not only positively smokin' but also aptly named.

1. Queens of the Stone Age - Make it wit chu
There you have it, the five songs that literally tickle my fancy. 'Are You In' by Incubus would have made this list, but they won't let me embed the video, which is half the fun.

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