Monday, 29 September 2008

Random post, also hangover recipe!

I'm usually not one to go all Bridget Jones on your collective butts, but let me just share my sunday results with you;

  • Epic beating taken on the hockey pitch... Check!
  • Athletic tears drowned in copious amounts of alcohol... Check!
  • Nonsensical embarrassing text messages sent to potential suitors... Check!
  • 10.30 pm lining of the stomach with Burger King fat ensuring nausea the next morning... Check!

So now you know what my monday morning was like. I did manage to save myself by making the best breakfast ever (so named by several of my international house guests).

Take one can of fresh croissant pastry, fill the croissants with red pesto and cheese (or something mildly resembling cheese - yes I'm a cheese snob, I can't help it I'm Dutch). Bake them in the oven until almost golden (but not quite, the cheese should be melted but the croissants still slightly doughy and gooey). Eat them whilst still warm and wash them down with some fresh fruit juice. Lather, rinse, repeat. Finish off with some cut up mango and kiwi fruit and
you're back on your feet.

Do what you will with this information, I'm just putting it out there (and being a lazy blogger by not putting up anything of substance).

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