Tuesday, 14 October 2008


It's been a little quiet around these parts but I've been very busy writing cover letters, sucking up to people who might give me a job and sleeping. Because as it turns out, quitting your job a day before the economy implodes is not the best career move... So I've been freelance whoring around and last friday I ended up at a symposium for government employees. It was a great networking opportunity and I also got some interesting stuff in my goodie bag. Like a step counter. I have no use for such a gadget since I'm quite able to prevent myself from becoming a whale without counting every bloody step I take, but do you know what the thing was called? I kid you not, it was called a pedometer... Crap! I just realised that the pronunciation of pedometer is not at all offensive in English. But trust me, in Dutch it's very funny. It's like a measuring tool for pedophiles (and I heard those actually exist as well).

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