Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The Rocking Stones

I'm not really sure if you have to be either a Beatles or a Stones fan, but if you were to put a knife to my throat I would probably pledge my allegiance to the Stones (I love the Beatles too, but apparently choosing between the two is vital). So to brighten up your wednesday, here are my three favourite Rolling Stones songs.

First up is 'Paint it Black'. When I was little I used to love 'Tour of Duty' and it's soundtrack has stuck with me long after the memories of it's characters started to fade. Here's a hilariously awful lip-synch performance from 1967.

The 1997 album 'Bridges to Babylon' certainly wasn't their best, but I've always had a thing about this song. And when I looked it up on YouTube I realised that freaking Angelina Jolie is in the video! Who knew? (presumably everyone but me...) Here's 'Anybody seen my baby'.

This is clearly one of the best songs in the world, and somehow Pharrel Williams managed to make it even better (the hot video helps). Here is the Neptunes remix of 'Sympathy for the Devil'.

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