Monday, 6 October 2008

It was the best of times

So apparently monday is 'rant about your personal life-day' for me... It might have something to do with the fact that I'm currently looking for a new job, and therefore can no longer bore my colleagues with these stories. I do apologise and hope to have something more highbrow up later today. Also, suck it! It's my blog and I'll write whatever I want. So just like last week here's the Bridget Jones account of my sunday, only this time it's less depressing.

To my enormous relief and for the first time in weeks I didn't bite big wind on the hockey pitch yesterday. I even scored twice and am now the team's top scorer (you don't care I know, but I'm friggin' unemployed at the moment and need to celebrate the small victories in life). This completely made my day and my confidence levels were high. A perfect time to run into an ex. This guy had not treated me very nicely (he never mentioned he had a girlfriend for instance), and I hadn't seen him since my inevitable dramatic exit, so I decided to let him have it. However this did not mean I lost my cool, 'au contraire', I was charming and funny with just a dash of brutal honesty (whenever I felt like he was bullshitting me). I climbed on my high horse and rode that pony into the sunset, whilst the assclown in front of me was shrinking before my eyes. Emasculated and guilt-ridden he looked at me and asked, "Why are you always right about everything?" (now those are the seven little words every woman LOVES to hear). At which point my team mate turns around to us and says to him; "because she is awesome and you are a tool", and to me; "do you want another beer?".

Damn I love her!

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