Friday, 3 October 2008

Won't cry

Well maybe I'll cry a little bit because after twelve years and four albums (plus a demo), Krezip is calling it quits. I watched this band literally grow up in music and even though many critics claim they were too ´poppy´ I maintain they´ve made some wonderful music over the years. For me a lot of memories stick to their songs, from live performances, to late night bullshit discussions with their first album playing in the background, to getting in a three car pile up on the freeway whilst Krezip´s "Don´t crush me" was playing on the radio (true story!). So let´s hope they spread out and continue to make great music.

I would´ve loved to embed some of my favourite Krezip songs such as "Get it on", "Mine" and "Hey there love", but there isn´t a lot of quality video that I could find. So for now I´ll leave you with a beautiful live radio performance of "Forget what I said".

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