Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Little sister

My snot-nosed little sister is moving in with her boyfriend and to a real grown-up people house. (That's her on the left, acting classy in Kuala Lumpur with my dad.) Besides the fact that I am truly happy for her, this event makes me feel quite old and a little inadequate. Since my digs don't come close to anything mildly resembling a "grown-up" residence, and my love life is, albeit interesting, hardly stable. But mostly it makes me a little melancholy, since there is no denying now that she, that we, in fact are growing up.

When we were little, we were for the most part mortal enemies. She had scratched my whole face open before she could even speak and had pushed me down the stairs by age five, and that was even before important matters as remote-control control became an issue. Being three years her elder, you'd expect the abuse to be coming from me, but she was one fierce little bugger. Actually, I'm pretty sure she could still take me, so I'd better check myself, before she wreckes myself...

It soon became clear that we would follow very different paths in life. Besides looking absolutely nothing alike (tiny, blond and fair-skinned versus an athletic and always tanned brunette), I had been earmarked as the resident smartass bookworm, and she was the roughneck who absolutely owned every sport she ever tried. Its funny (and in some cases very fortunate) how things can change, because whilst she is quite the foxy lady these days, back then, she put the boy in tomboy. Just as I am now pretty fanatic about sports, but was thoroughly rubbish and wholly uninterested as a child.

My sister however, was a star from the start at the football fields and tennis courts, and plays hockey to this day at a semi-professional level. She was able to excell at these sports because of her natural abillities but also her unbelievable discipline. A quality I wish I had some more off, and that has made her surpass this old bookworm in academic achievements. I am a college drop-out and she is one kick-ass physiotherapist in the making. Suffice to say I am very proud of her, especially since she has many other great qualities like; the best dolphin impression I have ever heard (she can basically do the entire zoo), the ability to dance off-beat (it's freaking hard, just try it) and the fact that she is probably willing to push out some grandkids in the next few years, taking the pressure off me (thanks chica, I owe you one!).

So to celebrate this momentous occasion here's one of our shared favourites, Everlast with, "What it's like".

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