Monday, 3 November 2008

A voice of reason

Over the last few months we've all been eating, sleeping and (for me literally) dreaming the American elections. Many have spoken up in defense of their candidates, and in attack of their opponents. Some of the attacks were just, many weren't. For a while we were all combatants, but tomorrow we will turn into winners or losers. I really hope Obama can make it happen, because for once I feel there is more to choose than just the lesser of two evils. We can actually choose hope. No low blows, no innuendo, just common sense and a strong will to make a difference. I genuinely respect those who take that high road (I'm often tempted to follow a much easier and darker path), like my friend, who sent me this email. He is one of the people who are able to rise above the moral cesspool that is modern politics, don't buy into the bullshit propaganda (even when it's thrown at them by family members) and build their case on truth and arguments.

My friend: I saw this live on CNN earlier today and
wanted to share:'s Closing Argument In Canton Ohio (Final Few Minutes).

His uncle's response:October 27, 2008 ReplyOBAMA RANT: A voice crying in the wilderness. He is a charismatic demagog and empty suit at best. I can understand why so many of you have been duped by him though. The double standard of our once free press is historic as they have ignored asking any questions of substance and crucified any opposition. Ask Hilary about that! Your going to get Hussein, but you are going to pay dearly for him. A little hint.... he believes the constitution is the fundamental flaw of our nation. There was a guy in 1936 who came to power the same way, believed the same things and spoke the same charismatic way. In this 30 second clip, listen as Barak Obama tells and interviewer that the US COnstitution is the "fundamental flaw" of our nation!

My friend's response: Uncle D, I am not sure if the above post was copied and pasted or if they are your words. So the following is not to flame you but a response to the words written and the link, as I saw them at the time I read it. First, it is correct to say that Obama is charismatic, but to claim I have been duped by the media is more than maddening. After 29 years of life, travel, a world class education and surrounding myself by people of good character, I can tell when the media shows a bias. That is why I listen to CNN, NBC, FOX News,, Sean Hannity, Public Radio, Gordon Liddy, Laura Ingraham, Ed Schultz, Randi Rhodes, etc. My views are mine and made with many points of view considered. Secondly, to say "Your going to get Hussein..." is a blatant attempt to scare off ignorants in America who fear different people/cultures including Muslims. I could care less what religion our president believes in as long as he puts Americans first. People don't call me Steven and McCain isn't referred to as Sidney, yet there seems to be those on the extreme right referring to Obama as Hussein, hmm? Third, Obama is talking about the Civil Rights movement when he made the comment. I hope you agree changes needed to be made in the U.S. and I hope you agree the founding fathers and the U.S. government were responsible for 200 plus years of racism. It is a shame it took that long. Obama is not saying the entire constitution is flawed…he’s saying it has allowed racism to exist because the courts needed to use the Constitution to make their decision (Earlier today, I had listened to the entire audio segment, not just this 30 second clip). The idea of “spreading the wealth” wouldn’t be necessary if it weren’t for our white ancestors (and government) holding people back from succeeding. If making one race sit at the back of the bus, use different drinking fountains, refuse to hire a man or woman because of the color of his/her skin, and pass laws that allowed this to happen isn’t holding someone back then I don’t know what is. Fourth, to even compare Obama to Hitler... For goodness sake, after WWI, Germany was screwed. No other way around it. They lost the war, the Treaty of Versailles made them take full responsibility and thus pay reparations to the Allies, and they lost their infrastructure. When economic struggles hit Europe in the 1930's, a broken German people looked to, yes, a charismatic leader in Adolf Hitler. The whole world knows what happened next. And it's been in my lifetime, decades after WWII, that Germany is finally seeing prosperity as it moves past WWII and the Cold War. Obama is NO Hitler, nor will Americans of today allow this kind of thought to be tolerated. Lastly, yes, I have progressive, liberal social views. Also, like so many people, I believe that we don't need to be bogged down by government bureaucracy. Sometimes that means I support a Republican (IN Governor- Mitch Daniels 08). But in 2008, for my peace of mind, I will take a highly educated, civil minded, family man with great charisma and ability to inspire the American people (A feat not to be underestimated with our diverse culture) over a ticket and a party, clearly under pressure, and will soon be reeling back to redefine themselves. When they reemerge, I will gladly listen.

I implore you, vote smart, vote Obama!

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