Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A design for life

Yeah I'm still here, not to worry. I gave myself the best Christmas present ever this year, which was permission to do whatever the hell I felt like for a few days and nothing else. For the last week or so I have given in to my every impulse, be it nutricious, alcoholic, carnal or cinematic and I must say I feel fantastic! A little gluttonous perhaps, but very relaxed and generally happy eating pizza, watching shitty movies and rolling around in my own filth with fellow deviants and their cats.

But tomorrow a new dawn will break and the year 2009 shall commence. Let's make this the year I finally get my shit together! Here are my new year's resolutions:
  1. Get a proper grown-up job that doesn't make me miserable and enables me to finally transcend my student-like lifestyle

  2. Grow the hell up and do some of the stuff that all my more mature and successful friends are doing, because it seems to work for them

  3. Become immune to advances from very hot but ultimately douchey little boys

  4. Write more and make sure that people actually get to read it for a change

  5. Become a morning person

  6. Figure out a way to scrape some money together and start travelling again

  7. Make a list of all the stuff I always wanted to do, pick three of these things and actively try to make them happen

Please keep reading to see if I can keep these resolutions. I´m very happy that this experiment is turning out so well and I´ll try my damndest to get better. Even though I still sometimes feel like a daft git posting the contents of my confused little brain online (in my second language, which I still find a challenge because Dutch humour does NOT translate well at all), I am very thankful for your visits, comments and emails. Have a fantastic 2009 everyone and remember to bleed that sucker for all she´s worth, because when that ACME anvil suddenly drops from the sky, you don´t want the film that flashes before your eyes to be boring!


Lainey said...

If you figure out how to do #3, will you PLEASE share it with me? I'll pay you!

Happy New Year, Pants! I look forward to reading your thoughts in 2009.

Pants said...

Yeah when I finally figure that one out I'll bottle it and become a millionaire!