Monday, 15 December 2008

The future is now!

I was watching Top Gear last night and it seems they've finally pulled it off. Honda have made a hydrogen fueled car that actually works.
"The fuel cell combines hydrogen with oxygen to make electricity. The electricity then powers the electric motor, which in turn propels the vehicle. Water is the only byproduct the FCX Clarity leaves behind."
It may not be very good looking, but the thing isn't butt ugly either, and since it (hopefully) represents the future, there's definitely no shame in being seen in one. The lovely Jamie Lee Curtis (yet another reason why this lady is hot shit) is front runner in this operation, so if the DiCaprio's and Jolie-Pitts could follow suit that would be great, because then it won't be long before affordable (and newer, less ugly) models will be available to us mere mortals. We have to start somewhere people! Apparantly it's at the Honda dealer, who'd have thunk it?

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