Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Homosexuality against nature, MY ASS!!!

I pretty much figured this week couldn't get any better when "swaffelen" (the Dutch verb for dickslap in the face - yes, only the Dutch would invent a verb for such an action) became word of the year 2008 on tuesday, and I scored a major interview for a potentially AWESOME job at the Green Party today, but then I read this!
*slow clap and approving head nod*
Gay penguins...
Gay penguins who are parents...
Gay penguins who are better parents than heterosexual penguins...


I'm sorry but isn't that just a wonderfully fat middle finger in the face of deluded figures who live under the mistaken impression that there is anything wrong or unnatural about being gay. Like this crap. Oh the irony! Seriously, there is nothing I enjoy more than stupid people being proven wrong by science, nature, or GAY PENGUINS! I can't stop saying it, it's just too freaking hilarious!
So there you have it. Reason number 72.693.639.078 why proposition 8 is a criminal injustice that must be overturned ASAP!
Gay penguins... They're here, they're queer, get used to it!


Jeremy Feist said...

Oh, this made me laugh something fierce. Penguins are the single cutest bird ever, and look! Gay penguins! Eeeeee!

One of my favourite things to do in high school was argue with the God Wad teacher we had. Mostly because their arguments were do thread-bare, that within five minutes, their central point eventually devolved into "Gays should not get married or have kids because butt sex is icky". I shit you not.

To which I respond:
1) Fuck you
2) You're a fucking priest, you've never had sex, so you really shouldn't pretend to be an expert on the subject
3) Gay Penguins! Eeeeee!

Pants said...

Haha, you tell 'em Jeremy! It must hurt to find out that his god is one sarcastic motherfucker...