Friday, 16 January 2009

Dirty Sexy Money

Remember how Larry Flint and Joe Francis asked for a porn bailout? Todger Talk's funniest writer "Mr. Sex" explains what a complete crock that is (as if you didn't know) here!


Jeremy Feist said...

*Sigh*...Seriously, why the fuck are Flynt and Francis the faces of Porn? That would be like having Katy Perry and that asshole from Creed being the faces of music.

Believe me, porn is recession proof. Believe me, I have friends in high places, and they're doing pretty damn fine, thank you very much, because they adapted to the internet instead of just putting their heads up their asses. This is once again an issue of "These people just don't know how to run a business, and they don't want to take accountability for it". Fuck them both. In the ear.

Pants said...

Did you click on the link Jeremy? I think the Todger Talk might be right up your ally (despite their deviant heterosexual orientation).

Jeremy Feist said...

I've taken a quick lil peeksie, but I haven't read much sadly. Matt's doggie is sick, so we've been back and forthing all day, the poor thing. But I'll bone up on it later (pun kinda unintended, but not really).