Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Goodmorning Mr. President

Michelle Obama: "Goodmorning Mr. President"
The 44th US President: "Goodmorning yourself, oh first of all ladies"

MO: "Did you sleep well?"
44th: "Like a baby. But then again you did wear me out last night... Was that a new trick with the snake thing?"

MO: "Yeah, I've been getting some pointers from Hillary. Girlfriend is a freak!"
44th: "I guess she'd have to be..."

MO: "So what's on the itinerary for today?"
44th: "Nothing much:
  • Solving the economic crises
  • Restoring international relations and alliances

  • Fixing the health care system

  • Bring peace to Palestine

  • Get the troops out of Irak

  • Unite and give hope

  • End world hunger

  • Create world peace

  • Desecrate the Oval Office with my hot ass wife
You know, no biggie..."

MO: "That's quite enough sex talk Mr. President. Time to get serious!"
44th: "You're absolutely right dear. Let's get cracking! So what are you going to do today?"

MO: "Call all my friends and tell them that I just nailed the mothereffing leader of the free world."
44th: "Good for you honey."

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Anonymous said...

This is equal parts gross and awesome. Goodmorning Mr. President indeed...