Friday, 9 January 2009

Hamas TV accidentally airs Softcore Porn

This has to be my best unintentionally hilarious caption yet. Washington based MEMRI (Middle East media Research Insitute) stumbled upon the footage whilst conducting their "TV monitor project". The strict Islamic channel is commonly used by Hamas for broadcasting public messages and was airing live from the war zone when they suddenly interrupted their program with scenes featuring a nude blonde woman. Apparently the editor in charge, during a quiet moment, changed to a Polish channel with erotic programming, unaware that the audience was watching with him.

I'm just going to take a moment to bask in the poetic glory that is "fundamentalist terrorists accidentally air softcore porn". That just puts the whole ludicrous bunch in perspective doesn't it?

I'm willing to give my life to destroy your evil society of deprived moral values, but not right now because I'm watching some blond chicks get it on!


Jeremy Feist said...
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Jeremy Feist said...

*snort* Those silly terrorists and their soft core porn. What sort of hijinx will those wacky fundies get up to next?