Thursday, 8 January 2009

Resolution recipes

After a period of extreme gluttony and sloth (aka the holidays), my body has kindly informed me that it would like me to shape the fuck up! It has done so with subtle hints such as; erupting volcanic growths on my face, giving me just enough energy to make it to work and back (but not one iota more), and this morning I spotted the beginnings of a muffin top when I put on my jeans. Charming!

So as much as I've enjoyed myself and don't feel the least bit guilty about it, I need playtime to be over for now. Especially since the second half of my hockey season is only weeks away and I have to be back on form by then. Since I personally don't believe in diets and don't much care to look twiglike (I'd rather be over here with the happy people thanks very much), you needn't worry about crappy bland "chicken breast with steamed broccoli" recipes on this here noble blog, but I will share some tasty favourites that are chock-full of veggies and other stuff that is supposedly good for you.

The recipes below are packed with flavour, but also quick and easy to make, because eating healthily does not mean you have to stop being lazy.


1. Sweet and spicy prawns with crunchy veggies and sticky rice.

- Peeled cocktail prawns (the recipe also works with chicken or beef chunks)
- Veggies, whichever you like. My favourites for this dish are; bok choi, red onion, been sprouts, sugar snaps and yellow pepper but feel free to play around with the ingredients.
- Thai sweet chili sauce
- Oyster sauce
- Sticky rice (Fair trade Pandan rice is great with this)

You cook the rice according to the instructions on the carton or a little longer for extra stickyness. When the rice needs 5 more minutes, you heat some sesame or peanut oil on a high flame in your wok or frying pan and chuck in the prawns (if they are raw, cook for about two minutes before adding the vegetables). Add the chopped up vegetables and a good dash of oyster sauce (the oyster sauce is salty, so measure the dash to your taste). Add the Thai sweet chili sauce, stir the pan and serve with the sticky rice whilst the veggies are still nice and crisp.

2. White fish fillet with forest mushroom stir fry and roasted tomatoes

- White fish fillet (I especially like Pangasius but any tender white fish will do)
- Cultivated mushrooms (preferably darker ones)
- Leeks
- Red onion
- Small tasty tomatoes on stem
- Garlic
- Lime

Put the tomatoes in a bowl and stick them in the oven. Cut the leeks, mushrooms and onions and fry them in some olive oil, season to taste (I always like a little oregano and thyme in addition to salt and pepper). Crush or chop the garlic and rub the fish with it, don't be shy with fresh sea salt and pepper. Fry the fish in some olive oil with the garlic and when it is golden squeeze the lime over it. Serve the fish on the veggies and finish with the pretty roasted tomatoes from the oven.


3. Pita bread with fresh guacamole

- Pita bread
- Avocado
- Garlic
- Lime

Toast the pita bread in the oven or toaster. Put the avocado in a bowl, add garlic, lime juice and fresh pepper and sea salt to taste, stir. Put the fresh guacamole on the hot pita bread, devour.

4. Arugula and tomato salad with mozzarella

- Arugula
- Tomatoes
- Mozzarella
- Pesto

Chop the arugula, tomatoes and mozzarella, add a tablespoon of green pesto, mix and Bob's your uncle. More into hot snacks? No problem! Get some sour dough or really dark bread, cover with the above concoction and stick it in the oven until the mozzarella has melted.

5. Green greens soup

- Broccoli
- Zucchini
- Leeks
- Onions
- Parsley
- Celery leaves
- Lean minced beef
- Beef bouillon cubes
- 1 egg
- Vermicelli

Put a pan of water on and (depending on quantity) add bouillon cubes. Mix the egg with the minced beef and season generously. Proceed to roll little balls and plonk them in the pan. Chop all your veggies and herbs and add them as well. Bring the heat down to a simmer and go entertain yourself for about an hour. Finally add the vermicelli, taste, season to taste and serve (once the vermicelli is soft).

So there you have it, five delicious recipes that won't add to your ass. I especially like the soup, because you can only make a whole pan, so you're good for yummie snacks the entire week. And if you have some unexpected guests, just add some bread et voilĂ , full bellies all around.

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