Friday, 1 May 2009

Orange you glad I´m back?

Apparently I still have a blog... Who knew?

Since starting my new job (yes, yet another new job, shut up) I've generally been too exhausted to do much of anything, but you know you're in trouble when a global pandemic breaks out and you are the absolute last person in the world to notice. To mask my blatant ignorance I was going to write something cute and perky about the Dutch tradition of Queens Day. But, since some raging lunatic decided to drive his car through the celebrations in what looks like an attempt to harm the royal family, killing five people and injuring many more, I guess cute and perky is out. So yeah...

I got nothing. Here's Stephen K Amos live at the Apollo:

* For the Dutchies; if you are reading this on my Hyves page, the RSS feed doesn't copy the YouTube clips so you'll have to click through to my blog.


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