Sunday, 21 June 2009

Best, worst and hottest, the dad edition!

So I've already turned the spotlight on my own dad today, but there are many fatherly characters out there that speak to the imagination, for better or worse...

Worst dad: Josef Fritzl
You have to be one disgusting human being to win this title, but unfortunately mr. Fritzl is as loathsome as they come. Locking his daughter in the basement for most of her life, using her as a sex slave, and fathering his own grandchildren. Some of whom were kept hidden from the world, and one who didn't even survive life in his hellish Austrian dungeon.

Worst animated dad: Randy Marsh (South Park)

When he's not busy mastrubating, drinking and/or causing mass hysteria, he is still a pretty big jackass, causing his son Stan massive headaches and much embarressment. Granted, Peter Griffin may be even worse. But Family Guy is way less funny and I've kind of had it with them, so they are spared this dubious honour.

Best dad: Jon stewart

Let's face it, the guy is by all accounts pretty much perfect. He's smart, funny and has morals that seem incredibly sane for Hollywood standards. Not to mention that he'd be a very worthy adversary for any teenage smartmouth. Truly a dad to look up to.

Best dad (who isn't a dad) - Stephen Fry

He might be an elderly gay man and therefore an unlikely candidate for fatherhood, but I think mr. Fry would make the perfect dad. Kind and wise, conscientious and witty, I would hand this man my firstborn in a heartbeat. Also, having Emma Thompson and Hugh Laurie for god parents wouldn't be too shabby...

Hottest dad - Hank Moody (Californation)

Hank Moody's smooth, poetic ways may ruin his daughter for all other men, but they sure are a delight to watch. Never short of a good oneliner, he is the (fictional) dad whose face I would most happily use as a chair. And he isn't without life lessons either; "Back tatts are the watermark of the promiscuous". True that...


Lainey said...

Hank Moody. Dear Lord. If that man was my father or the father of a friend, I would be in serious therapy for the rest of my life because the thoughts I have about him ...let's just say that they are not clean... No, not clean at all...

Ed Coon said...

Isn't that David Duchovny? Google his name in images and you'll find a picture of him in the exact same shirt and same expression but without the apples.

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