Friday, 11 September 2009

Welcome back Murphy, my dear old friend and tormentor

Mea culpa and so on for the lack of posting, I'm sure that you, my loyal readers, were very disappointed. Both of you (and yes that includes your cat). I took a sizable summer break from the interwebs to pretty much work every day, except when I was drinking on boats. Also, I enjoyed a bit of a summer romance, followed by the inevitable gut wrenching break up, when Cupid dipped his wretched dart in battery acid, before ramming it in my eye. I guess I have only myself to blame. If you mess with the youngens, you shouldn't be surprised when they suddenly get bored, call you a doodyhead, and run off to poke some roadkill.

Since I have a party to attend shortly and currently look and smell like Groundskeeper Willy after St. Patricks day, I'd better hit the shower. But I'll leave you with someone who also thinks god and Murphy are dicks, if not the same person...

Here's Marcus Brigstocke: