Tuesday, 30 March 2010

You can take the gays out of the army, but you can't take the penis off the homophobic's mind

Remember John Sheehan? The retired United States Marine Corps general who claimed that the fall of Srebrenica was caused by the presence of homosexuals in the Dutch army, and that a Dutch general told him as much. He was soon revealed to be a big fat liar of course, and today the newspapers say he finally apologised to his Dutch colleague Henk van den Bremen. The headlines have him eating crow, but I can't say I find a shred of regret in his so called apology.

He sent an email (or more likely, his secretary did) stating his memories of certain discussions that took place 15 years ago were inaccurate. No fucking shit Sherlock! Not to mention the fact that you made up a blatant lie and attached it to a Dutch general's name, used the death of 30.000 innocents for your hate mongering, and to top it all off, blamed an entire genocide on the maybe 15 gays who were stationed at Srebrenica at the time. I think they deserve more than the lackluster gesture you sent van den Bremen, like your evil lying homophobic head on a plate!

I must say I'm really dissapointed in the Obama administration for letting their former generals run their mouths off like that. I understand he's a private citizen now, but he did insult an active military Ally, not to mention a large portion of the democratic electorate. What I would like to see is Hillary taking him by the ear and dragging him to the nearest microphone where he gets to tearfully explain just how silly he was to think that who a person chooses to love is any of his damn business. And how much in debt he is to the thousands of gays who've already fought for his country, suffering in silence. They gave their lives, while the flags from their caskets couldn't even go to those they loved most. I don't care if they have to hold him at gunpoint (or massive black gay man erection point, whatever he finds more scary), that is what needs to happen. It's 2010 for crying out loud. If Ricky Martin can come out of the closet, so can the most heavily armed organisation in the world.

Get it done Obama! It's time...